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About Grovemade
The seeds were planted a decade ago by pure chance when I moved my custom furniture business into a humble workshop backing up to the railroad tracks. Across the street in a run down home we called the “Fight Club House” lived enthusiastic entrepreneur Joe Mansfield. He was somehow running a very successful laser engraving and digital art business out of a spare bedroom. We soon became friends...

The Journal
Interested in learning more about our designs, our processes and our people? The Journal is where you’ll find everything from in-depth design articles to stories and interviews with people who inspire us.


Selected Reading

We announce everything worth announcing through email or our social channels. Follow along with what’s going on in our Portland, OR, workshop and beyond.
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We're changing spaces this week, so we're currently unavailable for shop visits, but check back soon for our new location in North Portland!
Design Inspires What You Do
We at Grovemade believe the tools you immerse yourself in reflect who you are and the meaning behind your work.

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