The Laptop Riser
A premium laptop stand solution for your workspace, designed to fit into your workflow and onto your desk.

Available now at introductory pricing

Take your laptop to new heights

Wood laptop lift working in tandem with the Grovemade Desk Shelf.
Easy on the Eyes
We designed the laptop riser to bring your screen up extra high, for better ergonomics and a seamless workflow. Good for your eyes, good for your work.
Walnut laptop riser on extra large black leather desk pad.
Wood laptop riser with hidden cord management.
Walnut MacBook stand designed to work alongside the iMac.
Keep it Tight
We hear you—desktop real estate is hard to come by. Saving space with stability was our priority. The angle of the riser creates a small footprint, combined with a solid base to stay put.

"It tucks into tight spaces at your desk, so you can keep your tools right where you need them."

Lead Product Designer
Soft Touch
The laptop riser protects your device with 2mm thick German merino wool felt, cradling it in a secure and natural resting place. Your device deserves a little cushion.
Detail of the soft wool felt lining of the Walnut Laptop Riser.
Pick Your Players
Build your dream workspace, for whatever your work is. A unique form factor and subtle functionality pairs well with your laptop and with the rest of our desk collection.

Available now at introductory pricing

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