Task Knife

A Fresh Cut
The Grovemade Task Knife is designed specifically for opening boxes and other light-duty uses at your desk. It’s machined from solid stainless steel with a matte black ceramic coating, for a practically indestructible, heirloom-quality tool worth displaying. Hefty and delicate at the same time, it feels excellent in hand.

Manufactured entirely in the Portland area to ensure the highest quality.
The black task knife on walnut desk with wood planter.
Close up detail of the black Grovemade Task Knife.
The Grovemade Black Pen and minimalist, single-piece Knife.

Technical Specifications


Designed by Grovemade in Portland, OR
Custom metal machining by our manufacturing partners in Oregon City, OR
Cerakote ceramic coating by our manufacturing partner in Portland, OR


4.75" x 0.65" x 0.25"
2.7 oz
Blade Length: 1.44"


Stainless Steel


Designed for light duty use. For a knife with high-performance blade steel and maximum sharpness, consider our minimalist knife.
Blade should not require sharpening under intended use. If needed, sharpen similarly to any pocket knife.

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