The Black Watch 01
Introducing the Black Watch 01, a sleek refresh of a classic design. We hand dye the hardwood face with Japanese calligraphy ink and pair it with a black oxide finished stainless steel base. The Black Watch 01 is timekeeping evolved.
A New Way to Consider Time
The Watch 01 showcases the natural beauty of premium hardwood, now available in an all black finish. Modern circular hands revealed through 12 round windows help you experience time naturally. It’s a more tactile approach to knowing where you are in the day. Designed in collaboration with Stefan Andrén, the Watch 01 doesn’t try to replace your phone or smart watch—it offers another way to experience time.
Material Driven Design
Instead of simply replacing the metal and plastic components of a standard watch with wood, we designed the Watch 01 from the ground up. A stainless steel core brings strength, vegetable-tanned leather straps soften with age, and the face draws on the unique character of American hardwoods to stand out. The face of the Black Watch 01 is stained to a deep inky black, paired with an oxide finish on the stainless steel core for the cleanest look.
The Watch Family
The Black Watch 01 is the newest addition to our watch family. Each product is unique, bringing together premium materials and clean lines for your wrist.

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